Getting Started

When you port your number to Puppy Wireless or MyTime Wireless, you are bringing your number with you from another carrier.  This is different than a new activation which is getting a brand new number.  There are a few pieces of information that you will need for a successful port request:

  • First and Last name as it appears on your current account
  • Address as it appears on your current account
  • Account number
  • Billing PIN or passcode
  • Correct ESN, MEID, or IMEI and SIM

The most common reasons for a port to be delayed is incorrect information given.  When the incorrect information is given the port will fail 100% of the time and we will have to contact you to get the correct information.  This can easily be avoided by contacting your current company to get the correct information before submitting the port request.

As long as we have the correct information the port can be submitted and completed within a few hours.  It does occasionally take longer but that is dependant upon the carrier you are coming from.

Once completed, you will be provided with your username and temporary password to your account allowing you access to your dashboard.